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Maximum rate to connect to a domain (maxconnectionrateperdomain)

The maxconnectionrateperdomain smartsend channel option provides the means to limit the rate at which connections are made from the channel. The value of this option is one or two space-separated rate limit lists. The first limit list value specifies the rate limits to use when things are operating normally; the second specifies the limits to use when operating in IP backoff mode. If the IP backoff value is omitted it defaults to the first value.

Note that the identically named maxmessagerateperdomain smartsend parameter provides the same functionality at the domain or IP level.

This option requires that the smartsend callouts, in particular the callout from the AUTH_ACCESS mapping, be installed. This option will be ignored if smartsend is not configured.

This option also currently requires that a memcache or Redis protocol server be configured at either the MTA or channel level.

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