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There are a number of options relating to the Message Store's facility for performing compliance archiving. (Note that if configured to perform archiving, the Message Store generates archive message copies when users perform IMAP APPEND operations. Message Store archiving is enabled by setting store.archive.compliance or See also use of the archive value of the action attribute in imexpire's store.expirerule files to perform archiving, rather than expiration, of messages meeting expiration rule set criteria. See also Archiving messages for discussion of configuring the MTA to generate archive message copies while messages are transitting the MTA.) Note that a list of such options and related topics may be obtained using the command:

msconfig> apropos archive

A Message Store archive option may be set using a command such as

msconfig> set store.archive.option-name option-value

See also the store.msghash.enable and store.msghash.nummsgs options.

See also the general discussion of Archiving messages.

New in MS 8.0.1, the Message Store supports generating archive message copies in Microsoft Exchange "envelope journaling" format, directed to some archival address; see the style, destination, and source_channel Archive options in particular.

New in MS 8.0.1, the Message Store no longer supports the operational archiving option. DELETED: operational.

For debugging of archiving operations, see also the archive keyword of the debugkeys option.

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