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A MeterMaid server is configured via options under the metermaid group. (Named metermaid groups may be used if desired, but usually are not needed, with options relating to general operation of this MeterMaid server being set directly under metermaid.) Then specific MeterMaid tables maintained by this MeterMaid server are configured under named local_table groups under metermaid (metermaid.table.* configutil parameters in legacy configuration). For instance, on a host running a MeterMaid server with default values for most operational settings, and with one table defined, (bad_password_attempts, perhaps similar to the example Syslog notices after SMTP AUTH attempts with bad password discussed under Triggering effects from transaction logging with LOG_ACTION), one might see:

msconfig> show metermaid.*
role.metermaid.enable = 1
role.metermaid.local_table:bad_password_attempts.data_type = string
role.metermaid.local_table:bad_password_attempts.max_entries = 1000
role.metermaid.local_table:bad_password_attempts.quota = 2
role.metermaid.local_table:bad_password_attempts.quota_time = 3600
role.metermaid.secret (suppressed)

(Note that use of MeterMaid tables by MeterMaid clients, possibly clients on other hosts, would be configured via settings under metermaid_client on the client host, and especially, settings under a named metermaid_client.remote_table group, or in legacy configuration, metermaid.mtaclient.* configutil parameters on the client host.)

logfile optionsmay also be set under metermaid.

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