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To find all options potentially relevant to MeterMaid, try doing

msconfig> apropos metermaid

Note that there are the options relevant for the MeterMaid server, settable under the metermaid group, and there are options relevant for any MeterMaid clients, settable under metermaid_client group; respectively, these correspond to the legacy configuration metermaid.* and metermaid.mtaclient.* configutil parameters. Some options are settable either generally for a named metermaid or metermaid_client group, or settable specifically for a named table under a local_table or remote_table group. Then there are also a number of MTA options that override, for MTA purposes, some of the normal metermaid or metermaid_client options. There is also the metermaidtable IMAP option (under the pwexpirealert group), to specify what MeterMaid table to use for password expiration alerts.

A named remote_table group may only be set under metermaid_client. A named local_table group may be set either under metermaid or metermaid_client.

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