Notifytarget options

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notifytarget options

Named notifytarget groups are used to control the operation of sending notifications to an ENS server or JMQ broker. Such notifytarget groups replace the legacy configuration*.* configutil options.

For instance, to configure notifications to an ENS server (whose basic options are shown in the example below), one makes a named notifytarget group, in this example ens1, and sets any necessary options below that:

msconfig> show ens.*
role.ens.enable = 1
msconfig> show -default base.listenaddr
base.listenaddr: <no-default>
msconfig> show -default ens.port
ens.port: 7997
msconfig> set notifytarget:ens1.enable 1
msconfig# set notifytarget:ens1.enshost
msconfig# set notifytarget:ens1.ensport 7997

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