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One or more of the options discussed on this page are restricted. Restricted options are not intended for general use and if set may cause severe operational problems. If you believe you need to set a restricted option you should first check with Oracle support.

Updated in release: 7.0.5

Solaris-only. The polldelay (IMAP and MMP) option specifies the wait time before calling poll() in milliseconds. Workaround for poll performance bug on Solaris (6438988, 6379476). Setting this to -1 activates a different workaround as of 7 update 4 patch 24. The alternate code tries to keep the size of the poll array relatively constant and instead uses -1 in the poll array for inactive descriptors. The poll array will be larger, but change size less frequently. To date this appears to noticably improve performance under stress.

The default has changed from 1 to -1 in the Messaging Server 7.0.5 release. In addition, poll is no longer used in the Messaging Server 7.0.5 release (and thus this option is ignored) unless preferpoll is set.

The default value is: -1

Use with the MMP

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Use with imap

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