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Received header line MTA options: received_domain (string)

The received_domain MTA option sets the domain name for the SMTP server to use when constructing Received: header lines (and Date-Warning: header lines). By default, the offical host name of the local channel is used, channel:l.official_host_name. Note that this MTA option does not apply to the Received: header lines generated by other channels; in particular, it does not apply to Received: header lines resulting from a pass through an intermediate channel (such as a process, reprocess, or conversion channel). In such cases, the channel official host name---suffixed with the official host name for the local channel, in the case of short form names---will be used.

If there is no ldap_default_domain set, then received_domain is also the value that a Sieve environment "domain" will return. (If neither ldap_default_domain nor received_domain is set, then the MTA falls back to the L channel's official host name.)

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