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Reload portions of the MTA configuration.


  imsimta reload




For compiled configurations, this utility reloads any mapping tables (mapping group settings in Unified Configuration or the mapping file in legacy configuration), and the general, reverse, and forward "databases", if the applicable bits of use_text_databases have been set. It does not, however, reload the entire compiled configuration; in particular, changes to channel definitions and rewrite rules (e.g., the imta.cnf file in legacy configuration) are not propagated by imsimta reload. Nor does it, in general, reload changes to MTA options.

The imsimta reload utility also reloads authentication, SSL/TLS, and as of Messaging Server 8.0.2, affinity group options. This is done even if the MTA's configuration is not compiled.

For making certain changes "live" to a running Job Controller, see also the cache -change utility.

Error messages

Problems encountered attempting to reload the configuration can result in a syslog notice (sent with syslog facility and mask controlled by the sndopr_priority MTA option):

BADCONFIGLOAD, Attempt to load new configuration failed.


BADCONFIG, Attempt to map new configuration failed.

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