Routelocal Channel Option

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Short circuiting rewriting of routing addresses (routelocal)

The routelocal channel option causes the MTA, when rewriting an address to the channel, to attempt to "short circuit" any explicit routing in the address. Explicitly routed addresses (using !, %, or @ characters, or with an address embedded within quotes as the local-part of the address) will be simplified. (The "l" channel defaults to routelocal behavior.)

For instance, if is a domain that rewrites to a channel marked with the routelocal channel option, then any of the addresses!

will be rewritten to simply

Use of this keyword on "internal" channels, such as internal TCP/IP channels, can potentially allow simpler configuration of SMTP relay blocking.

However, note that this option should not be used on channels that may require explicit @mailhost source routing or other routing, such as typical Oracle Messaging Server MTA internal TCP/IP channels.

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