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Use with isc_client

The server_port  isc_client option specifies the ISC server port number. If empty or not set, the default is 8070.

The value for this option must match the isc.server_port on the host(s) specified by isc_client.ischosts.

The default value in this context is: 8070

Use with isc

The server_port  isc option specifies the Http port for the ISC process. If empty or not set, the default is 8070.

If isc.sslusessl is set to 1, this will be setup as an https port.

The default value in this context is: 8070

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Use with icapservice

The server_port  icapservice option specifies the ICAP server port. The default is 1344.

The default value in this context is: 1344

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Use with metermaid_client

The server_port MeterMaid client option specifies the TCP port to connect to when contacting the MeterMaid server. If this option is not specified but a local MeterMaid server is enabled, then the TCP port listened on by the local MeterMaid will be assumed. If no local MeterMaid server is running, then the default value of 63837 is used.

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Use with remote_server

The server_port MeterMaid client remote_server option specifies the TCP port to which the metermaid_client should connect for this remote_server.

The default value in this context is: 63837

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Use with smpp_relay

The server_port SMS smpp_relay option specifies the TCP port for the remote SMPP server to which to relay. Specification of this option is mandatory; there is no default value for this option. There is no IANA assignment for this service; do not confuse with the IANA assignment for SNPP.

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Use with smpp_server

Some SMSCs incorrectly implement the OUTBIND operation by sending an OUTBIND PDU and then closing the TCP connection. As per the SMPP specification, the SMSC is expected to leave the connection open, allowing the receiver of the OUTBIND to then bind back as receiver over the same connection. Use the server_port SMPP Server option to interoperate with such SMSCs by specifying the TCP port to bind back to when an OUTBIND request is received. If the server_host SMPP Server option is not specified, then the source IP address associated with the current TCP connection is used.

See also the esme_address_npi, esme_address_range, esme_address_ton, esme_password, esme_system_id, and esme_system_type options.

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