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The smtpport MSHTTP option specifies the SMTP or SMTP SUBMIT port to which MSHTTP will connect when submitting messages. The host(s) to which MSHTTP connects are set via the smtphost MSHTTP option.

Normally the SMTP server or SMTP SUBMIT server to which MSHTTP submits would be a Messaging Server SMTP server or SMTP SUBMIT server -- see TCP/IP channels for a starting point discussion on configuration of Messaging Server SMTP and SMTP SUBMIT servers. So in particular, for the port(s) on which such a Messaging Server SMTP server or SMTP SUBMIT server listens, see the tcp_ports Dispatcher service option, e.g., dispatcher.service:SMTP.tcp_ports or dispatcher.service:SMTP_SUBMIT.tcp_ports.

The default for smtpport is 25. To have MSHTTP submit to an SMTP SUBMIT server instead, note that smtpauthuser and smtpauthpassword must be set properly, and then set http.smtpport to 587.

The default value is: 25

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