Spamfilter channel options

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The MTA supports use of up to eight external spam/virus filter packages. For each such spam/virus filter package, there is a set of channel options selecting which channel(s) invoke the spam/virus filter package. For conciseness, listed here are solely the options for spam/virus filter package 1; but note that there are analogous channel options *spamfilterN* for N=2,...,8 as well.

See also the Spamfilter MTA options for configuration of the location and operation of the spam/virus filter package interfaces. Note that "opt in" to spam/virus filter package processing may also be selected on a per-user, per-domain, or per-alias basis.

As of Messaging Server 7.0.5, imexpire also supports invoking spam/virus filter packages; in particular, this can be used to perform post-delivery removal of spam/virus-infected messages from the Message Store. For this purpose, imexpire is told a source channel "as which" to execute, and then any sourcespamfilterN or sourcespamfilterNoptin for that channel will be invoked by imexpire.

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