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Handling of multiple spare LDAP attributes: spare_N_separator (bit-encoded integer)

The spare_N_separator MTA options, where N is between 1 and 18, control how multiple user entry LDAP attributes that end up being mapping into a single spare LDAP attribute slot are handled. These options accept a nonnegative integer value. The lower 8 bits of this value are intrpreted as follows:

spare_N_separator MTA option values
Value Meaning
3 Multiple attribute values are not allowed - the user entry is considered invalid and ignored if multiples are present.
2 Use language tag information to decide which of the multiple attributes to use.
1 Multiple attributes are not allowed - the user entry is considered invalid if multiples are present.
0 Pick one of the values at random and use it.
32-255 Concatenate multiple attribute values together, using the character corresponding to the spare_N_separator value as the separator.

The remaining bits of the option are used as bit flags. Currently only bit 8 (value 256) is defined: If set, it causes the attribute name and an equals sign to be prepended to the stored value.

These options first became available in the Messaging Server 7.2-7.02 release. The default values for spare_N_separator are chosen to remain backwards compatible with spare attribute behavior in earlier releases, which was hardwired for a given spare slot. spare_1_separator and spare_2_separator default to 1, spare_3_separator defaults to 0, and spare_4_separator, spare_5_separator, and spare_6_separator default to 2. All of the remaining options up to spare_18_separator default to 0.

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