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552 PERMANENT ERROR STRING733 Option822 Option
AXS:One archive integrationA rule to match any addressA rule to match any domain literal
A rule to match bang-style addressesA rule to match percent hacksAbBookType LDAP Attribute
AbEventNotificationDestination LDAP AttributeAcceptalladdresses, acceptvalidaddresses Channel OptionsAccepttemporaryfailures, defertemporaryfailures Channel Options
Access auth MTA optionAccess controls on LDAP attributesAccess counts MTA option
Access errors MTA optionAccess mapping table MTA optionsAccess mapping tables
Access orcpt MTA optionAccounturl OptionAckpolicy Option
Acktimeout OptionAclGroupAddr LDAP AttributeActionattributes Option
Actions OptionActivate OptionActive Option
Adding a pipe channel to the configurationAdditional componentsAdditional host names Option
Additional ims-ms channelsAddlineaddrs, noaddlineaddrs Channel OptionsAddress access mapping tables
Address direction and location-specific rewritesAddress reversalAddresses channel options
Addresssrs, noaddresssrs, destinationsrs, nodestinationsrs, sourcesrs, nosourcesrs Channel OptionsAddreturnpath, noaddreturnpath Channel OptionsAddrsperjob, filesperjob Channel Options
Addrtypescan, addrtypescanbccdefault, noaddrtypescan channel optionsAdminbypassquota OptionAdminpolicy Option
Admins OptionAf OptionAfter, urgentafter, normalafter, nonurgentafter, secondclassafter, thirdclassafter Channel Options Option OptionAlarm options
Alarm system optionsAlarmflag LDAP AttributeAlarmstatus LDAP Attribute
Alarmtime LDAP AttributeAlarmtopic LDAP AttributeAlias-sensitive rewrites
Alias * list alias optionsAlias * text alias optionsAlias *delay notifications alias options
Alias *originator reply alias optionsAlias alternate recipient OptionAlias and address MTA options
Alias and and alias or alias optionsAlias auth channel and alias cant channel alias options
Alias auth mapping and alias cant mapping alias optionsAlias auth username and alias cant username alias optionsAlias autosecretary alias option
Alias blocklimit and alias linelimit alias optionsAlias capture and alias journal alias optionsAlias capture header and alias journal header alias options
Alias case MTA optionAlias conversion tag alias optionAlias creation date alias option
Alias databaseAlias database formatAlias database url MTA option
Alias deferred* alias options
Alias description OptionAlias digest recurrence alias optionAlias direct list and alias direct mapping alias options
Alias domains MTA optionAlias entry alias option
Alias entry cache * MTA optionsAlias envelope from alias optionAlias error text alias option
Alias expandable and alias nonexpandable alias optionsAlias expiry alias optionAlias file
Alias file LDAP URL alias valuesAlias file formatAlias file include files
Alias file mailing list aliasesAlias file named parametersAlias filter alias option
Alias hash size MTA optionAlias header * alias expansion optionsAlias header addition and alias header trim alias options
Alias header addition modifiersAlias header check alias option
Alias hold list, alias nohold list, alias hold mapping, alias nohold mapping alias optionsAlias importance, alias precedence, alias priority, and alias sensitivity alias optionsAlias keep delivery and alias keep read alias options
Alias list name alias optionAlias magic MTA optionAlias magic override rewrite
Alias member size MTA optionAlias moderator * and alias username moderator list alias options
Alias nosolicit alias optionAlias optinN alias optionsAlias optin alias option
Alias optionsAlias optoutN alias options
Alias password alias optionAlias presence alias option
Alias private and alias public alias optionsAlias received*, alias noreceived* alias optionsAlias recursion and nested list definitions
Alias reprocess alias optionAlias restrictionsAlias sasl * alias options
Alias sequence * alias optionsAlias single alias optionAlias spare* alias options
Alias special formatsAlias tag alias optionAlias toalias option
Alias urlN MTA optionsAlias username alias option
Aliasdetourhost, aliasoptindetourhost Channel OptionsAliasdetourhost null optin MTA optionAliases
Aliases in LDAPAliases in Unified ConfigurationAliaslocal Channel Option
Aliasmagic Channel OptionAliaspostmaster Channel OptionAliaswild Channel Option
Allocsize OptionAllow unquoted addrs violate rfc2798 MTA optionAllowanonymouslogin Option
Allowbadmailbox OptionAllowcollect OptionAllowetrn, blocketrn, disableetrn, domainetrn, silentetrn Channel Options
Allowldapaddresssearch OptionAllowrobots OptionAlphabetic list of channel options
Alternate addresses being rewrittenAlternate channel routing via the CONVERSIONS mappingAlternate outgoing channel for DSNs and MDNs
Alternate recipient MTA optionAlternate recipient mode OptionAlternatechannel, alternateblocklimit, alternatelinelimit, alternaterecipientlimit Channel Options
Altservice OptionAlwaysencrypt OptionAlwayssign Option
Alwaysusedefaulthost OptionAmauthcertificatealias OptionAmcertdbpassword Option
Amcookiename OptionAmloginhack OptionAmloglevel Option
Ammsgserverurl OptionAmnamingurl OptionAmtrustservercerts Option
Anniversary LDAP AttributeAnnotatemsg Option
Ap debug MTA optionAppletlogging OptionApplication of rewrite rules to addresses
Ar OptionArchitecture of the AXS:One integrationArchive spamfilterN config file
ArchivingCOS LDAP AttributeArchiving messagesAssistantName LDAP Attribute
Astlm OptionAsync OptionAttachment LDAP Attribute
Attachments and MIME processing channel optionsAttributelist OptionAuth options
Authcachesize OptionAuthcachettl OptionAuthentication errors
Authentication errors and resultant SMTP errorsAuthenticationldapattributes OptionAuthenticationserver Option
Authfaildelay OptionAuthhost, noauthhost, defaulthost, nodefaulthost, remotehost, noremotehost Channel OptionsAuthpassword, authusername, externalidentity Channel Options
Authpassword OptionAuthrewrite Channel OptionAuthrewrite extra headers MTA Option
Authservice OptionAuthservicettl OptionAuthusername Option
Auto transition OptionAutodetect OptionAutorepair Option
Autorepairdebug OptionAutoreply timeout default MTA option
Autoresponse periodicity MTA optionsAutosecretary Channel OptionAutounsubscribe Option
Auxprop plugin OptionAvailable channelsAverages cache size Option
Averages cache timeout OptionBANNER ADDITIONBANNER HOST
BSMTP-specific channel optionsBSMTP channelsBSMTP service conversions
BUFFER SIZE TCPIP-channel-specific optionBURL ACCESS mapping tableBURL MTA options
Backlog OptionBackoff, urgentbackoff, normalbackoff, nonurgentbackoff, ipbackoff Channel Options
Backsideport OptionBackup group optionsBackupbadidxfiles Option
Backupdir OptionBackupexclude OptionBangoverpercent, nobangoverpercent, bangonly, percentonly, nobangorpercent Channel Options
Banner OptionBase autorestart optionsBase certmap options
Base domainmap optionsBase optionsBasicjavaswitches Option
Bccserver, nobccserver Channel OptionsBe OptionBethegroup Option
Betheuser OptionBg OptionBgdecay Option
Bgexcluded OptionBglinear OptionBgmax Option
Bgmaxbadness OptionBgpenalty OptionBidirectional, master, slave Channel Options
Binaryclient, nobinaryclient, binaryserver, nobinaryserver Channel OptionsBinddn OptionBindpass Option
Biolm OptionBitbucket channelBitbucket channel configuration
Blind Carbon Copy Myths and RealitiesBlock limit MTA option
Block size MTA optionBlock time OptionBlocked mail from ips MTA option
Blocking SMTP relayingBlocklimit, linelimit, sourceblocklimit, noblocklimit, nolinelimit Channel OptionsBodytextonly Option
Bounce block limit MTA optionBounces of spam messagesBrief overview of Sieve language elements
Brightmail1 action 0 OptionBrightmail1 action 1 OptionBrightmail1 action 2 Option
Brightmail1 action 3 OptionBrightmail1 action 4 OptionBrightmail1 action 5 Option
Brightmail1 action 6 OptionBrightmail1 action 7 OptionBrightmail1 config file Option
Brightmail1 final OptionBrightmail1 library OptionBrightmail1 null action Option
Brightmail1 null optin OptionBrightmail1 optional OptionBrightmail1 received Option
Brightmail1 returnpath OptionBrightmail1 string action OptionBrightmail1 verdict 0 Option
Brightmail1 verdict 1 OptionBrightmail1 verdict 2 OptionBrightmail1 verdict 3 Option
Brightmail1 verdict 4 OptionBrightmail1 verdict 5 OptionBrightmail1 verdict 6 Option
Brightmail1 verdict 7 OptionBrightmail2 action 0 OptionBrightmail2 action 1 Option
Brightmail2 action 2 OptionBrightmail2 action 3 OptionBrightmail2 action 4 Option
Brightmail2 action 5 OptionBrightmail2 action 6 OptionBrightmail2 action 7 Option
Brightmail2 config file OptionBrightmail2 final OptionBrightmail2 library Option
Brightmail2 null action OptionBrightmail2 null optin OptionBrightmail2 optional Option
Brightmail2 received OptionBrightmail2 returnpath OptionBrightmail2 string action Option
Brightmail2 verdict 0 OptionBrightmail2 verdict 1 OptionBrightmail2 verdict 2 Option
Brightmail2 verdict 3 OptionBrightmail2 verdict 4 OptionBrightmail2 verdict 5 Option
Brightmail2 verdict 6 OptionBrightmail2 verdict 7 OptionBrightmail3 action 0 Option
Brightmail3 action 1 OptionBrightmail3 action 2 OptionBrightmail3 action 3 Option