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Conditionalsecuritymultiparts, processsecuritymultiparts, retainsecuritymultiparts Channel OptionsConfig debug MTA optionConfigtoxml utility
Configuration syntaxConfigure utilityConfiguring the BSMTP channels
Configutil ReferenceConfigutil override MTA optionsConfigutil parameters and cnbuild
Connectalias, connectcanonical Channel OptionsConnectfrequency OptionConnection access control
Connection stats interval OptionConnecttimeout OptionConnkill utility
Connlimits OptionConnrejectthreshold OptionConstructing list member addresses
ContactPerson LDAP AttributeContact LDAP AttributeContchar, contposition Channel Options
Content return block limit MTA optionContenttype OptionContextname Option
Controlling error messages associated with rewritingConvergence webmailConvergencefilterenabled Option
Conversion channelConversion channel definitionConversion control
Conversion entry mapping table calloutsConversion entry parameter value wildcard matchingConversion entry parameters
Conversion entry scanning and applicationConversion predefined symbols and environment variablesConversion script exit statuses
Conversion script header accessConversion size MTA optionConversion tag and service conversion channel options
Conversion tag case MTA optionConversion tagsConversions MTA option
Conversions MTA optionsConvert octet stream OptionConverting ISO-2022-JP to UTF-8 and back
Convertoctetstream, noconvertoctetstream Channel OptionsCookiedomain OptionCookiename Option
Copymsg OptionCorpDirectoryUrl LDAP AttributeCount Option
Counters -clear utilityCounters -show utilityCounters MTA options
Cpulm OptionCrams OptionCrdb utility
Create OptionCreation and expiration of Dispatcher Worker ProcessesCrlaccessfail Option
Crldfromto OptionCrldir OptionCrlenable Option
Crlmappingurl OptionCrlurllogindn OptionCrlurlloginpw Option
Crlusepastnextupdate OptionCrontab OptionCs Option
Customizing DSNs via the return filesCustomizing MDNs via the disposition filesDATA RECEIVE TIME
DISABLE STATUSDKIM MTA optionsDKIM channel options
DNS lookup MTA optionsDOT TRANSMIT TIMEDSN language and customization
Da OptionDa host OptionDa port Option
Daemon Channel OptionDataSource LDAP AttributeData type Option
Database MTA optionsDateOfBirth LDAP AttributeDatefour, datetwo Channel Options
DavEntity LDAP Object ClassDavStore LDAP AttributeDavUniqueId LDAP Attribute
Dayofweek, nodayofweek Channel OptionsDbcachesize OptionDblockcount Option
Dblogregionmax OptionDbnumcaches OptionDbpriority Option
Dbregionmax OptionDbremotehost OptionDbsync Option
Dbtmpdir OptionDbtxnsync OptionDbtype Option
Dcroot OptionDe OptionDeadlockaggressive Option
Debug MTA optionsDebug OptionDebug flush MTA option
Debugkeys OptionDecode encoded words MTA optionDefaultacl Option
Defaultdomain OptionDefaulthostindex OptionDefaultmailboxquota Option
Defaultmessagequota OptionDefaultpartition OptionDefending against denial of service attacks
Defer group processing MTA optionDefer header addition MTA optionDeferred Option
Deferredsource, nodeferredsource, deferreddestinction, nodeferreddestination Channel OptionsDefining membership of large listsDefragment, nodefragment Channel Options
Defragmentation-channel-specific optionDefragmentation channelDefragmentation channel configuration
Defragmentation channel message retention timeDelay threshold TCPIP-channel-specific optionsDelete Option
Deleted LDAP AttributeDeleted OptionDeletemessagehash, generatemessagehash, keepmessagehash Channel Options
Deletemsg OptionDelimiter char MTA option
Deliverbychannel Channel OptionDeliverbymin Channel OptionDelivery options MTA option
Delivery receipt off OptionDelivery receipt on OptionDeliveryflags, flagtransfer, noflagtransfer Channel Options
Department LDAP AttributeDeployment Map optionsDeployment map role rewrites
Dequeue debug MTA optionDequeue map MTA optionDequeue removeroute Option
Dequeueremoveroute, enqueueremoveroute Channel OptionsDescribe cache limit MTA optionDescription LDAP Attribute
Description OptionDestination OptionDestination channel-specific rewrites
Destinationbrightmail OptionDestinationbrightmailoptin OptionDestinationconversiontag, sourceconversiontag channel options
DestinationdkimidentityN, destinationdkimselectorN, sourcedkimidentityN, sourcedkimselectorN Channel OptionsDestinationdkimignore, destinationdkimpreserve, destinationdkimremove Channel OptionsDestinationnosolicit, sourcenosolicit Channel Options
Destinationspamfilter OptionDestinationspamfilteroptin OptionDestinationtype Option
Detectcharset OptionDiacritical sensitive languages OptionDiagnosing .HELD files
Digest on MTA optionDiolm OptionDirect LDAP MTA options
Direct LDAP attribute interpretation MTA optionsDirect LDAP attribute name MTA optionsDirect LDAP attributes returned upon authentication MTA options
Direct LDAP domain lookup MTA optionsDirect LDAP schema MTA optionsDirect LDAP usergroup lookup MTA options
Directory location MTA Tailor optionsDirectory location MTA optionsDirectoryscan Option
Dirsync hack MTA optionDis nesting MTA optionDisabledestinationbrightmail Option
Disabledestinationspamfilter OptionDisablesourcebrightmail OptionDisablesourcespamfilter Option
Discard disables capture MTA optionDiskflushinterval OptionDiskusagethreshold Option
DispatcherDispatcher debugging and log filesDispatcher operation
Dispatcher optionsDisplay label channel optionsDispositionchannel, notificationchannel Channel Options
Dkim ignore domains MTA optionDkim preserve domains MTA optionDkim remove domains MTA option
Dkimignore, dkimpreserve, dkimremove Channel OptionsDncomps OptionDns verify callouts
Dns verify domain Dispatcher optionDnsforcetemporary, nodnsforcetemporary Channel OptionsDnsrbl Option
Dnsresolveclient OptionDomainUidSeparator LDAP AttributeDomain LDAP Object Class
Domain LDAP lookup rewritesDomain databaseDomain database url MTA option
Domain failure MTA optionDomain hash size MTA optionDomain match cache size, domain match cache timeout MTA option
Domain match url MTA optionDomain uplevel MTA optionDomainallowed Option
Domainnotallowed OptionDomainsearchformat OptionDomainvrfy, localvrfy, novrfy Channel Options
Dropblank, nodropblank Channel OptionsDuplicate maximum timeout MTA optionDuplicate minimum timeout MTA option
Duplicate timeout default MTA optionDuplicate tracking url MTA optionENS options
ETRN ACCESS mapping tableEhlo, checkehlo, noehlo, refuseehlo Channel OptionsEhlokeywords Option
Eightbit, eightnegotiate, eightstrict, sevenbit, utf8header, utf8negotiate, utf8strict Channel OptionsEl OptionElasticsearch options
Email body charset OptionEmail header charset OptionEmulateqpopper Option
En OptionEnable OptionEnable delay timers MTA option
Enable rbl OptionEnable sieve body MTA optionEnable sieve ereject MTA option
Enable sieve memcache MTA optionEnable sieve metermaid MTA optionEnable sieve redis MTA option
Enable sieve regex MTA optionEnableblacklistfilter OptionEnablecontextname Option
Enabled OptionEnabledstats OptionEnablelastaccess Option
Enablelog OptionEnablesslport OptionEnableuserlist Option
Encryption.fortezza.nssslactivation OptionEncryption.nscertfile OptionEncryption.nskeyfile Option
Encryption.nsssl2 OptionEncryption.nsssl2ciphers OptionEncryption.nsssl3 Option
Encryption.nsssl3ciphers OptionEncryption.nsssl3sessiontimeout OptionEncryption.nssslclientauth Option
Encryption.nssslsessiontimeout OptionEncryption.rsa.nssslactivation OptionEncryption.rsa.nsssltoken Option
Encryptnew OptionEnqlm OptionEnqueue removeroute Option
Enseventkey OptionEnshost OptionEnsidle Option
Ensport OptionEnspwd OptionEnsureownerrights Option
Ensuser OptionEnsusessl OptionEnvelopetunnel Channel Option
Error interpretation channel optionsError text MTA optionsError text and error interpretation MTA options
Error text brightmail error OptionError text spamfilter error OptionEs Option
Esme address npi OptionEsme address range OptionEsme address ton Option
Esme password OptionEsme system id OptionEsme system type Option
Et OptionEu OptionEval ldapd options
Example Sieve external lists with propertiesExample message archiving configurationExclusive Option
Expandable default MTA optionExpandlimit, expandchannel, holdlimit Channel OptionsExpandlocal Option
Experimentalldapmemcache OptionExpire task optionsExpireldap attr Option
Expireldap rules OptionExpiresieve OptionExpirestart Option
Expirysource, noexpirysource Channel OptionsExpirytime OptionExplicitsaslexternal, implicitsaslexternal Channel Options
Exploglevel OptionExpnallow, expndefault, expndisable Channel OptionsExproute, noexproute, improute, noimproute Channel Options
Exproute forward MTA optionExpungeheaders OptionExpungemsg Option
Expungesynclevel OptionExquota, noexquota, holdexquota Channel OptionsExternalAuthPostUrlTemplate LDAP Attribute
ExternalAuthPreUrlTemplate LDAP AttributeExternal filtering context MTA optionsExtra capabilities Option
Extra concerns for address canonicalizationExtrajavaswitches OptionExtrauserldapattrs Option
FAST SMTP SESSION TIME LIMITFILEINTO ims-ms-channel-specific optionFORWARD mapping table
FROM ACCESS mapping tableFailovertimeout OptionFdirectory MTA option
Fi OptionFile creation in the MTA queue area channel optionsFile format MTA options
File member size MTA optionFile name MTA Tailor optionsFileinto, nofileinto channel options
Filemode OptionFillm OptionFilter, nofilter, destinationfilter, nodestinationfilter, sourcefilter, nosourcefilter, disablesourcefilter, disabledestinationfilter Channel Options
Filter cache size and filter cache timeout MTA optionsFilter debug MTA option