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Local.ugldapdeforgdn OptionLocal.ugldaphasplainpasswords OptionLocal.ugldapuselocal Option OptionLocal.webmail.smime.cert.enable OptionLocal.webmail.smime.cert.port Option
Local.webmail.uwcrppsupport OptionLocal channelLocal format restrictions MTA option
Local host alias OptionLocal quota checks MTA optionLocal table
Localbehavior, nolocalbehavior Channel OptionsLocaluser, nolocaluser Channel OptionsLocation LDAP Attribute
Lockdir OptionLockmailbox Option
Log 8bit encode MTA optionLog alq MTA option
Log alternate recipient MTA optionLog auth MTA option
Log backoff MTA optionLog callout delays MTA optionLog connection MTA option
Log connections syslog MTA optionLog conversion tag MTA optionLog create counters MTA option
Log debug MTA optionLog delay bins MTA optionLog delay reason MTA option
Log deliver by MTA optionLog delivery flags MTA optionLog deq MTA option
Log diagnostics MTA optionLog dkim MTA optionLog envelope id MTA option
Log filename MTA optionLog filter MTA optionLog format MTA option
Log from MTA optionLog frustration limit MTA optionLog futurerelease MTA option
Log header MTA optionLog header options MTA optionLog headers maxchars MTA option
Log imap flags MTA optionLog intermediate MTA optionLog isc status MTA option
Log level OptionLog local MTA optionLog mailbox uid MTA option
Log message id MTA optionLog messages syslog MTA optionLog mtpriority MTA option
Log nameservers MTA optionLog node MTA optionLog notary MTA option
Log priority MTA optionLog process MTA optionLog queue time MTA option
Log reason MTA optionLog remote mta MTA optionLog sensitivity MTA option
Log size bins MTA optionLog smartsend MTA optionLog sndopr MTA option
Log statistics MTA optionLog syslog prefix MTA optionLog tag counters MTA option
Log times MTA optionLog tracking MTA optionLog transactionlog MTA option
Log uid MTA optionLog use xtext MTA optionLog username MTA option
Logauthsessionid OptionLogcommands OptionLogdir Option
Logexpungedetails OptionLogfile.http.logname OptionLogfile Option
Logfile optionsLogfilename OptionLogfiles.admin.alias Option
Logfiles.default.alias OptionLogfiles.http.alias OptionLogfiles.imap.alias Option
Logfiles.imta.alias OptionLogfiles.pop.alias OptionLogfiles.snmp.alias Option
Logging, nologging, logheader Channel OptionsLogging and debugging channel optionsLogicaldisk, nologicaldisk Channel Options
Logindn OptionLoginpw OptionLoginseparator Option
Loglevel OptionLogmillisecond OptionLogoURL LDAP Attribute
Logprotocolerrors OptionLogtype OptionLogunauthsession Option
Loguser OptionLong address lists or headers channel optionsLongitude LDAP Attribute
Lookupandsync OptionLookupfallbackaddress OptionLookupmaxnbfailed Option
Lookupreturnwhenfound OptionLoopcheck, noloopcheck Channel OptionsLt Option
MAILSERV list LDAP attribute name MTA optionsMAILSERV list subscription LDAP attribute name MTA optionsMAILSERV moderator MTA options
MAX SERVER THREADSMDN language and customizationMESSAGE-SAVE-COPY mapping table
MESSAGE-SAVE-COPY mapping table format and examplesMIB variables servedMILTER ACTIONS mapping table
MILTER MACROS mapping tableMIME Content-type: and Content-disposition: header line parameter RFC 2231 encoding (parameterformatdefault, parameterformatminimizeencoded, parameterformatstripencoded)MIME Content-type: and Content-disposition: header line parameter lengths (nameparameterlengthlimit, parameterlengthlimit)
MLS MTA optionsMLS channel optionsMMP Reference
MMP and IMAP Proxy and POP Proxy and vdomain optionsMSHTTP errors
MSHTTP feedback optionsMSHTTP httpcharset and mailcharset optionsMSHTTP options
MSHTTP sieve optionsMTA Tailor optionsMTA URL types
MTA channel countersMTA command line utilitiesMTA configuration for AXS:One archiving
MTA countersMTA counters implementationMTA option naming in Unified Configuration
MTA optionsMTA options listed alphabeticallyMTA options listed by functional group
MTA performance: CPU and resourcesMTA performance: Disks and filesMTA performance tuning
MTA support for AXS:One archivingMTA transaction log entry formatMTA transaction logging
MTQP MTA optionsMX ACCESS mapping tableMacMIME format conversions
MailAccessProxyPreAuth LDAP AttributeMailAccessProxyReplay LDAP AttributeMailAdminRole LDAP Attribute
MailAllowedServiceAccess LDAP AttributeMailAlternateAddress LDAP AttributeMailAntiUBEService LDAP Attribute
MailApplyHOHControls LDAP AttributeMailAutoReplyAddresses LDAP AttributeMailAutoReplyMode LDAP Attribute
MailAutoReplySubject LDAP AttributeMailAutoReplyTextInternal LDAP AttributeMailAutoReplyText LDAP Attribute
MailAutoReplyTimeout LDAP AttributeMailCaptureAddress LDAP AttributeMailClientAttachmentQuota LDAP Attribute
MailConversionTag LDAP AttributeMailDeferProcessing LDAP AttributeMailDeliveryFileURL LDAP Attribute
MailDeliveryOption LDAP AttributeMailDetourHostOptin LDAP AttributeMailDomainAllowedServiceAccess LDAP Attribute
MailDomainAutoReplyTimeOut LDAP AttributeMailDomainCaptureAddress LDAP AttributeMailDomainCatchAllAddress LDAP Attribute
MailDomainCatchallMapping LDAP AttributeMailDomainConversionTag LDAP AttributeMailDomainDetourHostOptin LDAP Attribute
MailDomainDiskQuota LDAP AttributeMailDomainMaxMsgRecipientCutoff LDAP AttributeMailDomainMaxMsgRecipients LDAP Attribute
MailDomainMsgMaxBlocks LDAP AttributeMailDomainMsgQuota LDAP AttributeMailDomainNosolicit LDAP Attribute
MailDomainOptin1 LDAP AttributeMailDomainOptin2 LDAP AttributeMailDomainOptin3 LDAP Attribute
MailDomainOptin4 LDAP AttributeMailDomainOptin5 LDAP AttributeMailDomainOptin6 LDAP Attribute
MailDomainOptin7 LDAP AttributeMailDomainOptin8 LDAP AttributeMailDomainPrefixText LDAP Attribute
MailDomainReportAddress LDAP AttributeMailDomainSenderSieve LDAP AttributeMailDomainSieveRuleSource LDAP Attribute
MailDomainSourceChannel LDAP AttributeMailDomainSourceConversionTag LDAP AttributeMailDomainSourceMsgMaxBlocks LDAP Attribute
MailDomainStatus LDAP AttributeMailDomainSuffixText LDAP AttributeMailDomainUplevel LDAP Attribute
MailDomainWelcomeMessage LDAP AttributeMailDomain LDAP Object ClassMailEquivalentAddress LDAP Attribute
MailEventNotificationDestination LDAP AttributeMailFolderDefaultAcl LDAP AttributeMailForwardingAddress LDAP Attribute
MailGrantPermission LDAP Object ClassMailGrantSendPermissionsTo LDAP AttributeMailHeadOfHouseholdDN LDAP Attribute
MailHost LDAP AttributeMailMaxMsgRecipientCutoff LDAP AttributeMailMaxMsgRecipients LDAP Attribute
MailMessageStore LDAP AttributeMailMsgMaxBlocks LDAP AttributeMailMsgQuota LDAP Attribute
MailNosolicit LDAP AttributeMailOptin1 LDAP AttributeMailOptin2 LDAP Attribute
MailOptin3 LDAP AttributeMailOptin4 LDAP AttributeMailOptin5 LDAP Attribute
MailOptin6 LDAP AttributeMailOptin7 LDAP AttributeMailOptin8 LDAP Attribute
MailParentalControl LDAP AttributeMailProgramDeliveryInfo LDAP AttributeMailQuota LDAP Attribute
MailRoutingAddress LDAP AttributeMailRoutingHosts LDAP AttributeMailRoutingSmartHost LDAP Attribute
MailSMTPSubmitChannel LDAP AttributeMailSendMaxMsgBlocks LDAP AttributeMailSenderSieve LDAP Attribute
MailSieveCollection LDAP AttributeMailSieveRuleRef LDAP AttributeMailSieveRuleSource LDAP Attribute
MailSourceChannel LDAP AttributeMailSourceConversionTag LDAP AttributeMailSourceOptin1 LDAP Attribute
MailSourceOptin2 LDAP AttributeMailSourceOptin3 LDAP AttributeMailSourceOptin4 LDAP Attribute
MailSourceOptin5 LDAP AttributeMailSourceOptin6 LDAP AttributeMailSourceOptin7 LDAP Attribute
MailSourceOptin8 LDAP AttributeMailUserStatus LDAP AttributeMail delivery filename Option
Mail filtering and access controlMail off MTA optionMail rfc822mailbox LDAP Attribute
Mailboxexpungesize OptionMailboxpurgedelay OptionMailfromdnsverify, nomailfromdnsverify Channel Options
Mailhostattrs OptionMailingAddress LDAP AttributeMailing list addresses
Mailing list and group MTA optionsMailing list multiple access control interpretationMailing lists
Mailserv moderator mail MTA optionMailserv moderator uid MTA optionMailserv secretMTA option
Main PageMake source addresses unique OptionManaging the MTA transaction log files
Map names size MTA optionMapping entry patterns
Mapping entry templatesMapping operationMapping paranoia MTA option
Mapping table MTA optionsMapping table formatMapping table format in Unified Configuration
Mapping table format in legacy configurationMapping tablesMass mailings
Master command channel class option
Master debug, nomaster debug, slave debug, noslave debug Channel OptionsMaxPabEntries LDAP AttributeMax addheaders MTA option
Max age OptionMax alias levels MTA optionMax cache messages Option
Max conns OptionMax duplicates MTA optionMax entries Option
Max fileintos MTA optionMax handoffs Dispatcher optionMax header block use, max header line use MTA options
Max header blocks MTA optionMax header lines MTA optionMax idle time Option
Max internal blocks MTA optionMax life age OptionMax life askwork Option
Max life conns OptionMax life time OptionMax local received lines MTA option
Max mime levels, max mime parts MTA optionsMax mr received lines MTA optionMax notifys MTA option
Max procs Dispatcher optionMax received lines MTA optionMax redirect addresses MTA option
Max redirects MTA optionMax report hosts OptionMax shutdown Option
Max sieve list size MTA optionMax sieve match iterations MTA optionMax sieve string size MTA option
Max total received lines MTA optionMax urls MTA optionMax vacations MTA option
Max variables MTA optionMax x400 received lines MTA optionMaxage Option