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Ssldbprefix OptionSslenable OptionSsljkspassword Option
Ssljkspath OptionSslkeypasswdfile OptionSslkeyprefix Option
Sslnicknames OptionSslpkix OptionSslport Option
Sslports OptionSslrenegotiate OptionSslrequiresafenegotiate Option
Sslrootcacertsurl OptionSslsecmodfile OptionSslsourceurl Option
Sslusessl OptionSslv3enable OptionSso enable Option
Sso id OptionSso prefix OptionSsrenabled Option
Stacksize OptionStandalone OptionStart-msg utility
Startup and shutdown mappingsStartup utilityStatinterval Option
Statssamplesize OptionStop-msg utilityStorageCOS LDAP Attribute
Storage OptionStore.expirerule file rulesetsStore.expirerule files
Store Index and searchStore Transaction Log FormatStoreadmin Option
Storeadminpass OptionStorehostlist OptionStoresource Option
Streaming Channel OptionStressblackout OptionStressfactor Option
Stressfdwait OptionStressjobs OptionStresslimit Option
Stressperiod OptionStresstime OptionStrict require MTA option
String pool size N MTA optionsStyle OptionSubaddress char MTA option
Subaddresses and address reversalSubaddresses in aliasesSubaddressexact, subaddressrelaxed, subaddresswild Channel Options
Subdirs and nosubdirs Channel OptionsSubmit, relay, passthrough, conditionalpassthrough, conditionalrelay, destinationpassthrough, destinationrelay Channel OptionsSubmit master utility
Submit utilitySubmituser OptionSubscribesynclevel Option
Substring search OptionSuffix LDAP AttributeSuffix search Option
Suffix text attr MTA optionSunAbExtendedUserPrefs LDAP AttributeSunAllowBusinessOrgType LDAP Attribute
SunAllowMultipleDomains LDAP AttributeSunAllowOutsideAdmins LDAP AttributeSunAssignableDomains LDAP Attribute
SunAvailableDomainNames LDAP AttributeSunAvailableServices LDAP AttributeSunBusinessOrgBase LDAP Attribute
SunBusinessRoot LDAP AttributeSunCommsMetaData LDAP Object ClassSunConfRoomCapacity LDAP Attribute
SunDelegatedOrganization LDAP Object ClassSunEnableGAB LDAP AttributeSunExcludeServices LDAP Attribute
SunIMConferenceAffiliations LDAP AttributeSunIMConferenceConfiguration LDAP AttributeSunIMConference LDAP Object Class
SunIMMessageContent LDAP AttributeSunIMMessageID LDAP AttributeSunIMPrivateSettings LDAP Attribute
SunIMProperties LDAP AttributeSunIMRoster LDAP AttributeSunIMStoredMessage LDAP Object Class
SunIMUserPrivateSettings LDAP AttributeSunIMUserProperties LDAP AttributeSunIMUserRoster LDAP Attribute
SunIMUser LDAP Object ClassSunISManagedOrganization LDAP Object ClassSunIncludeServices LDAP Attribute
SunMailOrganization LDAP Object ClassSunManagedLocation LDAP Object ClassSunManagedOrganization LDAP Object Class
SunManagedProvider LDAP Object ClassSunMaxGroups LDAP AttributeSunMaxUsers LDAP Attribute
SunNameSpaceUniqueAttrs LDAP AttributeSunNameSpace LDAP Object ClassSunNumGroups LDAP Attribute
SunNumUsers LDAP AttributeSunOrgType LDAP AttributeSunOrganizationAlias LDAP Attribute
SunPreferredDomain LDAP AttributeSunPresenceAccessDenied LDAP AttributeSunPresenceAccessPermitted LDAP Attribute
SunPresenceDefaultAccess LDAP AttributeSunPresenceEntityAccessDenied LDAP AttributeSunPresenceEntityAccessPermitted LDAP Attribute
SunPresenceEntityDefaultAccess LDAP AttributeSunPresencePrivacy LDAP AttributeSunPresenceUserPrivacy LDAP Attribute
SunPresenceUser LDAP Object ClassSunProviderOrgDN LDAP AttributeSunRealmService LDAP Object Class
SunRegisteredServiceName iplanet-am-service-status LDAP AttributeSunUCColorScheme LDAP AttributeSunUCDateDelimiter LDAP Attribute
SunUCDateFormat LDAP AttributeSunUCDefaultApplication LDAP AttributeSunUCDefaultEmailHandler LDAP Attribute
SunUCExtendedClientPrefs LDAP AttributeSunUCExtendedUserPrefs LDAP AttributeSunUCExternalMailProfile LDAP Attribute
SunUCMailSendProfiles LDAP AttributeSunUCPreferences LDAP Object ClassSunUCTheme LDAP Attribute
SunUCTimeFormat LDAP AttributeSunUCTimeZone LDAP AttributeSunkeyvalue LDAP Attribute
Sunpluginschema LDAP AttributeSunservice LDAP Object ClassSunservicecomponent LDAP Object Class
Sunserviceid LDAP AttributeSunserviceschema LDAP AttributeSunsmspriority LDAP Attribute
Sunxmlkeyvalue LDAP AttributeSupported StandardsSupportedlanguages Option
Suppresstypewarning OptionSv OptionSwitchchannel, allowswitchchannel, noswitchchannel, userswitchchannel Channel Options
Symbiont debug OptionSynch time Option
Syncldap OptionSynclevel OptionSyntax checks after rewriting
Syslog MTA optionsSyslogfacility OptionSystem id Option
System parameters on SolarisSystemfilter MTA optionTCPIP-channel-specific options
TCPIP channelsTCPIP connections and DNS lookups channel optionsTCP wrapper filter EXCEPT operator
TCP wrapper filter creationTCP wrapper filter examplesTCP wrapper filter server-host specification
TCP wrapper filter syntaxTCP wrapper filter wildcard namesTCP wrapper filter wildcard patterns
TCP wrappersTIMEOUT MULTIPLIERTLD comparison rewrites
TLS ACCESS mapping tableTLS NEGOTIATION TIMETLS and SASL channel options
Table options OptionTable type OptionTagged rewrite rule sets
Tcp listen optionsTcp port OptionTcp ports Option
Tcpaccess OptionTcpaccessattr OptionTest -domain map utility
Test -eightbit utilityTest -expression utilityTest -hash utility
Test -header utilityTest -mapping utilityTest -match utility
Test -mime utilityTest -rewrite utilityTest -time utility
Test -translation utilityTest -zone utilityTesting Sieve external lists
Testing address access mapping tablesTesting mapping tablesText to subject Option
Th OptionThe MTAThe Message Store
The alias groupThe disposition ...txt filesThe disposition option.opt file
The mapping groupThe optional return option.opt fileThe required full set of DSN type-specific return ...txt files
The rewrite groupThe sample header lines in DSNs: the return header.opt fileThread count initial Option
Thread count maximum OptionThread stack size OptionThreaddepth Channel Option
Threadholddelay OptionThreshold OptionThresholddirection Option
Thurman, nothurman, uma, nouma Channel OptionsTick, notick Channel OptionsTimeout Option
Timestampdelta OptionTls bits reject msg Dispatcher service optionTls min bits Dispatcher service option
Tls port Dispatcher optionTlsmaxversion OptionTlsminversion Option
Tlsv12enable OptionTlsv13enable OptionTmpdir Option
Token char MTA optionTokenpass OptionTqelm Option
Tr OptionTrace per conn buffer size OptionTrace total buffer size Option
Tracking*, notracking* Channel OptionsTracking debug MTA optionTracking hash algorithm MTA option
Tracking mode MTA optionTracking retries, tracking retry delay MTA optionsTrackinggenerate Channel Option
Transaction logging MTA optionsTransactionlimit, disconnecttransactionlimit Channel OptionsTransition criteria Option
Triggering effects from transaction logging with LOG ACTIONTriggering message transfer with remote SMTP systems
Truncatesmtp OptionTrustedurl OptionTtl Option
Twosites OptionTypical TCPIP channels and servers
Tz LDAP AttributeUIDs Cannot Start with a DashURL and address substitution sequences
UcapsAdminConsoleQuickAccessList LDAP AttributeUcapsAdminLevel LDAP AttributeUcapsAdminUser LDAP Object Class
UcapsCountryCode LDAP AttributeUcapsCountry LDAP AttributeUcapsDeletedTimeStamp LDAP Attribute
UcapsJournalingAssignmentType LDAP AttributeUcapsJournalingEmailAddress LDAP AttributeUcapsMigrationStatus LDAP Attribute
UcapsOrg LDAP Object ClassUcapsPreferredDavStore LDAP AttributeUcapsPreferredNabStore LDAP Attribute
UcapsProvisioningState LDAP AttributeUcapsServicePackageGroup LDAP Object ClassUcapsServicePackageID LDAP Attribute
UcapsServicePackageQty LDAP AttributeUcapsServicePackageUser LDAP Object ClassUcapsSoftDeleted LDAP Object Class
UcapsSubscriptionExpDate LDAP AttributeUcapsSubscriptionGroup LDAP Object ClassUcapsWebAddress LDAP Attribute
Ucx hold OptionUgfilter OptionUgldapbasedn Option
Ugldapbindcred OptionUgldapbinddn OptionUgldaphost Option
Ugldappoolsize OptionUgldapport OptionUgldapusessl Option
Uid LDAP AttributeUk OptionUmask Option
Un LDAP AttributeUndeleteflag OptionUnderquota Option
Unique id template MTA optionUniquemember LDAP AttributeUnix domain Option
Unix domain dir OptionUnstressfactor OptionUnstressjobs Option
Updatemsg OptionUrgentblocklimit, normalblocklimit, nonurgentblocklimit, secondclassblocklimit Channel OptionsUrl result cache case MTA option
Url result cache size and url result cache timeout MTA optionsUse alias database MTA option
Use auth return, use canonical return, use orig return MTA optionsUse comment strings MTA optionUse domain database MTA option
Use errors to MTA optionUse forward database MTA optionUse ip access MTA option
Use mail delivery OptionUse nslog OptionUse permanent error MTA option
Use personal aliases MTA optionUse personal names MTA optionUse precedence MTA option
Use reverse database MTA optionUse sms priority OptionUse sms privacy Option
Use temporary error MTA optionUse text databases MTA optionUse warnings to MTA option
Usedomainmap OptionUseheaderrecipients OptionUsenslog Option
Usepermanenterror, usetemporaryerror Channel OptionsUserPassword LDAP AttributeUserPresenceProfile LDAP Object Class
User LDAP attributes for pipe channel processingUser MTA Tailor optionsUser Option
User case MTA optionUser identifiersUsercertfilter Option
Usereplyto Channel OptionUseresent Channel OptionUsereversedatabase MTA option
Usergroupdn OptionUserid and passwd OptionsUsesentdate Option
Using SMTP access tagsUsing another alias source and the alias databaseUsing defaults and nodefaults pseudo-channels to simplify configurations
Uucp OptionUwccontexturi OptionUwcenabled Option