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A few special symbolic names may be used in option values in msconfig, as well as in recipes. (These names tend to correspond to former, now obsolete, MTA Tailor options; as such, while the MTA Tailor options per se no longer exist for purposes of setting directory locations, file names, or values, these corresponding special symbolic names can also still generally be used in MTA contexts, where they now are interpreted as having values relative to SERVERROOT.)

    IMTA_ROOT:    -> <serverroot> "/"
    IMTA_LIB:     -> <serverroot> "/lib/"
    IMTA_BIN:     -> <serverroot> "/lib"
    IMTA_TABLE:   -> <configroot> "/"
    IMTA_PROGRAM: -> <dataroot> "/site-programs/"
    IMTA_DL:      -> <dataroot> "/dl/"
    IMTA_LOG:     -> <dataroot> "/log/"
    IMTA_QUEUE:   -> <dataroot> "/queue/"
    IMTA_HTTP:    -> <dataroot> "/www/"
    IMTA_HOST:    -> local.hostname
    IMTA_DEFAULTDOMAIN -> service.defaultdomain
    IMTA_LIBUTIL  -> <serverroot> "/lib/libimtautil.so" 
    IMTA_LIBMAP   -> <serverroot> "/lib/libimtamap.so"
    IMTA_TMP      -> tmpdir
    IMTA_LANG     -> langdir
    IMTA_VERIFY_RETURN -> return_verify
    IMTA_RETURN_CLEANUP_PERIOD -> return_cleanup_period
    IMTA_RETURN_SPLIT_PERIOD -> return_split_period

The SERVERROOT value is used to construct the DATAROOT value (either /var/SERVERROOT or SERVERROOT/data) and CONFIGROOT value (either /var/SERVERROOT/config or SERVERROOT/config).

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