Spooftempfail Option

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Introduced in release: 7 Update 4 patch 26

If the spooftempfail POP Proxy option is set to 1 (default is 0) and a temporary authentication error occurs subsequent to locating the user in LDAP, the MMP will simply return an empty mailbox listing or if spoofemptymailbox is 0 and spoofmessagefile is set, then the spoof message file will be used. We have received reports that this will cause certain clients (including Microsoft Outlook) to re-download the mailbox when the temporary condition is resolved.

A temporary authentication error can occur as a result of defer (or as of Messaging Server 7.5 defer-submit) or hold mail user status (mailUserStatus) or as a result of hold mail domain status (mailDomainStatus) prior to connecting to the back-end POP server, and can also occur if the back-end server returns a [SYS/TEMP] authentication failure. In the former case, the MMP's LDAP cache settings apply.

The default value is: 0

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