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The ssl_ports option (available under service and tcp_listen) specifies a list of ports on which this service listens for connections with SSL security negotiation.

The ssl_ports option is available for servers that can listen for SSL connections on multiple ports. For servers that can listen for SSL connections on at most one port, see instead the sslport option.

ssl_ports Dispatcher option

The ssl_ports Dispatcher service option specifies the TCP port(s) on which the Dispatcher will listen for incoming TLS connections for the current service. Connections made to this port or these ports will automatically (without use of commands such as STARTTLS in the case of SMTP) negotiate TLS use and be transferred to one of the Worker Processes created for this service. The SMTP client analogue of this option is the (new in 7.0.5) SSL_CLIENT TCP/IP-channel-specific option.

Note that channels for servers using ssl_ports need to set maytlsserver or musttlsserver to properly initialize as an SSL server.

See also the tcp_ports Dispatcher service option.

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Use with tcp_listen

Under a top level imapproxy or popproxy component, inside a named tcp_listen group, the ssl_ports option specifies the TCP port(s) on which that proxy server listens for SSL connections; e.g.:

msconfig> set imapproxy.tcp_listen:imap-proxy-1.ssl_ports 993

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See also: