Sslkeypasswdfile Option

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Deleted in release: 7.0.5

DELETED as of MS 7.0.5.

File location for the passwords that protect access to the private key file. Passwords may be null if the key is not password-protected. This option is deprecated, and will go away. Use is not recommended as all product components except the MMP: simply use the default sslpassword.conf name. If multiple SSL configurations are required, use ssldbpath to relocate these files instead.

NOTE: In order for results to predictable, this option must be the same for the IMAP, POP,and SMTP proxies -- that is, in legacy configuration it must be the same in the files ImapProxyAService.cfg, PopProxyAService.cfg and SmtpProxyAService.cfg, or in Unified Configuration any settings of this option for the various proxies must match.

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