Startup and shudown mappings

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New in MS, the MTA_STARTUP and MTA_SHUTDOWN mappings are called just after MTA first initializes and just before it shuts down, respectively. This includes cases where the MTA API is being used by user-written facilities.

These calls necessarily occur outside of any multithreaded processing and can be used for initialization and cleanup as well as tracking MTA usage. Note, however, that this also means the calls occur outside any enqueue context, which may impose restrictions on certain mapping actions.

The mapping probe string for both mappings is:


Here hostname is the host name associated with the local channel, mta-id is the value of the id MTA option, and type-string is a string indicating the type of process initializing the MTA, e.g. "smtp_client", "smtp_server", "lmtp_client", "lmtp_server", "dispatcher", "job_controller", etc.

The "S" flag will be set if the process intends to submit or otherwise process messages.