Storehostlist Option

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Introduced in release: 8.0

The storehostlist Proxy option specifies a list of server hostnames that have access to the same message store data. For classic store, the first hostname in the list should be the default master for the message store while the other hosts in the list should be configured to act as failover hosts for the master. For Cassandra store, the hosts are considered equivalent but connections are attempted in order.

When a mailHost attribute is found in LDAP, it is first resolved via this configuration. This allows MMP, mshttpd, imapd and MTA clients (with affinitylist) to try connecting to the mail store via an alternative host. The hostnames used in this option must match the hostnames in the mailHost attributes exactly (although ASCII case variations are permitted).

The value of the base.hostname option must be present in the storehostlist if you want the current host to participate in that replication group.

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