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Test whether a file contains eight bit material.


  imsimta test -eightbit filename
imsimta test -eightbit Command Switches
Switch Default
-performance -noperformance
-summary -nosummary
-number -number
-mode=n -mode=0



The name of the file to inspect for eight bit material.


Check whether or not a file contains eight bit material.

The output of this utility will say either:

File contains one or more 8-bit chars 


File contains no 8-bit chars 

In -noperformance -nosummary operation (the default), the output will also show which line(s) contained eight bit material, with line numbers (unless -nonumber has been specified).


-performance, -noperformance (default)

When -performance is specified, the utility reads the entire file into memory and then scans the in-memory copy of the file. -performance operation may be faster, but does not allow for outputting which line(s) contained eight bit material. -performance may not be specified if -⁠summary is specified.

-summary, -nosummary (default)

Specifying -summary disables outputting which specific lines contained eight bit material. -nosummary (meaning that such lines are output) is the default. -summary may not be explicitly specified if -performance is specified; -performance always causes summary-like output.

-number (default), -nonumber

-number(the default) means that when outputting lines containing eight bit material (which is done in -nosummary -noperformance operation), to prefix those lines with line numbers. -nonumber turns off the line numbering.


The default is -mode=0.


# imsimta test -eightbit IMTA_LIB:locale/en/return_error.txt
File contains no 8-bit chars
# imsimta test -eightbit IMTA_LIB:locale/fr/return_error.txt
     1 Des erreurs de traitement se sont produites lors de la distribution?:
     4 Le traitement de la distribution s'est poursuivi malgr? ces erreurs.
File contains one or more 8-bit chars

The above two commands show example output for a file containing no eight bit characters, compared to a file that does contain eight bit characters. (Note that unless you have gone to special work on a UNIX system to properly display eight bit characters, any eight bit character is likely to appear as a question mark, as shown in this example.)

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