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The MTA has a number of options affecting MTA transaction logging (and thus to some extent MTA monitoring). In particular, there are a number of MTA options that affect the format and information recorded to the MTA message transaction log file and MTA connection transaction log file, and the information included in LOG_ACTION mapping table probes.

Additional MTA options relating in somewhat different ways to MTA logging may be found elsewhere:

See also MTA transaction logging for additional discussion of MTA log management and transaction log format.

The (new in MS 6.3-0.15) XML format for MTA message transaction and MTA connection transaction logging is much more tolerant of extensions; plus it is a new format in any case. In the past, as new logging options were added, the default was that such options were disabled, so that upgrades would not unilaterally change the MTA's transaction logging format and thereby "break" existing transaction log parsers used by sites. However, with XML format which is a new format, and where parsers should to be written to ignore non-understood attributes, this is not a concern. Therefore, as of MS 6.3P1, whenever XML format is enabled (log_format=4), many of the optional logging options default to being enabled, rather than defaulting to being disabled (as with any format other than XML format). Such options include log_filename, log_filter, log_message_id, log_notary, log_priority, log_process, log_queue_time, log_reason, and log_username. As of the 7.0.5 release, this also includes log_auth, log_delivery_flags, and log_imap_flags.

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