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SMTP transaction limit (transactionlimit, disconnecttransactionlimit)

transactionlimit: new in Messaging Server 6.1. The transactionlimit channel option may be used to impose a limit on how many transactions (that is, messages) will be accepted during a single SMTP session (that is, connection). It is a channel analogue of the ALLOW_TRANSACTIONS_PER_SESSION TCP/IP-channel-specific option setting, which applies more generally to all incoming connections on all channels handled by the same Dispatcher SMTP service. After transactionlimit is exceeded, additional attempts to submit messages (additional MAIL FROM: commands) will be rejected with an error response:

450 4.5.3 number of transactions exceeds allowed maximum

The text in the above error message may be site-customized by using the (new in MS 6.3) error_text_transaction_limit_exceeded MTA option.

disconnecttransactionlimit: new in MS 6.2. The disconnecttransactionlimit channel option causes the MTA to actually disconnect after the specified transaction limit is exceeded. Once the limit is reached, the MTA will issue an error response

450 4.7.0 Session transaction limit reached; disconnecting

after the next MAIL FROM or RSET command, and then disconnect.

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